Third Day

Tuesday was our first port of call, Cozumel. We had a choice - a tour of Tulum, or sight-seeing and shopping. We chose shopping!

Cozumel Map

Cozumel arrivalHere we are disembarking in Cozumel.  The walk on the boat dock into the city was about a 
quarter-mile.  We stopped at a pay phone on the dock so Dianne could phone 
her daughter, and then we were off!

Fat TuesdayOne of our first stops was "Fat Tuesday".  I had heard about this place from a 
couple of co-workers.  We sat down, had a margarita, and watched the people 
walking by.  Then we continued shopping.

Carlos N' Charlie'sAnother must-see sight was "Carlos N' Charlie's".  I had also heard a lot about 
this place.  I was not disappointed!  Our ship sailed at 6:00pm, so late-night 
partying was out of the question, but we still had a great time.  As an added 
bonus we got to witness some girls from the ship drink themselves into oblivion.  
Later, back at the ship, we actually saw them carrying one of the girls onboard, 
unconscious!  She had definitely had a good time!

-Here are some assorted pictures from our day in Cozumel-


We had a great time in Cozumel! Bargaining with the merchants was a lot of fun! We got some good deals, and probably some not-so-good deals! I felt like continuing to bargain with store clerks even when we got back in the States - "Seventy-five cents for that Coke? How about a dollar for two?"


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