Sixth Day

Thursday night we were instructed to put our luggage outside our room. We kept essentials in an overnight bag. We arrived in New Orleans, LA at approximately 8:00am. We had to wait until our tag color was called before we could disembark. We were the last color called, naturally! We finally left New Orleans, LA at about 11:00am. We wanted to get back to Lufkin, TX in time to pick up our dog Roxy from the kennel. We got there just as the kennel, Lucky Puppy, was closing.

-This is a picture of our dog Roxy-


This was a great vacation. Anyone thinking of going on a cruise, should definitely go! Neither one of us got seasick, but if you or your spouse do, that is definitely a consideration. The ride did get bumpy a couple of times. We plan on taking a cruise again, soon!


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