Fourth Day

We signed up for the tour of Chichen-Itza scheduled for Wednesday at 9:00am, after we docked in Progresso.

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Progreso arrivalHere we are disembarking in Progreso.  We boarded a bus and prepared for a two-hour ride!  
They did have Coca-Cola (The Real Thing!) and some sort of local beer.

ProgresoThe ride to Chichen-Itza was really long.  Our guide, Diego, explained about the Mayans 
and the pyramids on the way.  He finally broke out the Cokes and beer about 
halfway there.  They were welcome treats because even with the air conditioning, 
it was warm in the bus.  We stopped at a souvenir store where several local 
children were selling wood carvings and plaster figurines.  We loaded up on 
souvenirs and headed for the ruins!

-Here are assorted pictures we took on the way to Chichen-Itza-

On the way to Chichen_Itza

El CastilloThe tour of Chichen-Itza was awesome!  It was about 105° in the shade, and the humidity 
was 100%.  We followed Diego around for about 90 minutes and then went to eat.  
There was a hotel there, and they had a huge buffet.  I was slightly disappointed 
to find that the hotel was not air conditioned, but it was out of the sun, and 
much cooler than outside.  After we ate, we went exploring for about 45 more 
minutes.  Dianne and I decided to board the bus a little early.  No sooner had 
we sat down in the bus than it started raining.  Everyone returned to the bus 
and we started the ride back to the ship.  It was a fantastic day and a great tour!  
Anyone interested in ancient, mysterious places will love Chichen-Itza!

-Assorted pictures from Chichen-Itza-

Assorted Chichen_Itza Pics


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