Sears Means Terrible Customer Service

   After a particularly horrible experience with Sears and Sears Care, I have decided to chronicle my experience here. Not only is Sears a terrible company, that cares nothing for their customers, they also have these Sear Care jerks, whose only job appears to be lying, and humiliating their already upset customers. These people have no purpose other than to harass the customers that Sears has already wronged. Here is my story, and I hope it helps convince people to do business elsewhere, There are other companies with the same offerings, that treat their customers right.

   On January 12, 2013, I ordered a futon from, through's web site - a New Energy Fuji Futon Queen Frame, SKU#NEW8414. After having it for approximately 60 days, the edge of the front frame broke. This company's web site, as well as Sears web site states that there is a 10 year warranty on this frame. This was part of the reason we paid so much for it (over $400), rather than buy a cheaper brand. My wife emailed their customer service, and was told in a very condescending, rude manner that they only warrantied items for 30 days. I replied and asked what good was a 10 year warranty, if it was really only for 30 days. The reply was extremely hostile, and we were accused of purposefully breaking the item. My wife also called Sears, and was assured by their customer service that someone named Daniel would call her with 8 hours, and get an address for shipment of a replacement part. Daniel never called. All we want is the piece that broke replaced, free of charge. After only 60 days of use, I do not think this is an outrageous request.

   After filing with the BBB (which is useless, by the way), an representative said to call Sears, and they would take care of it. My wife called, and was again assured that someone from Olejo would return her call withing 48 hours,. After 4 more days, she called Sears again, and they admitted that they do not help customers with problems through their Third-Party Reseller program. So, basically, they feel it is okay to make money by partnering with unknown companies, but when it comes to guaranteeing that these merchants will treat their customers fairly, Sears bows out.

   I am very disappointed in Sears, and will never buy from them again!. I will also be sure and tell everyone I know how bad their customer service is, and to steer clear.

   It is no wonder they are continually listed as a store that will not be around much longer.

   We did call the manufacturer of the futon, and they shipped us the part, but we had to pay shipping - $115.00! I don't blame them, it is Sears and Olejo's responsibility to make sales right, not the manufacturer.

   I received a call from someone at Sears on 5/7/2013. He was supposed to send me his contact info via email, but never did, so I didn't write down his name. He promised to send me a Sears Gift Card for $125 via email, and his personal contact number, both via email, within 48 hours. Well, as has become the expected behavior from any of Sears Customer 'Service' reps, he lied. I cannot believe I believed anyone from Sears, even for a moment. Anyone reading this, PLEASE do yourself a favor, and do not patronize these lying, scamming people. There are plenty of other companies that have the same items, and treat their customers with respect and dignity. STEER CLEAR of Sears!

In Closing

   Please think twice before patronizing Sears again. There are many stores with the same items, and much better customer service. Sears is an old company, that has decided they can make plenty of money, without any regard for their customers. I, for one, will NEVER shop there again.